1. La Luna nell’orto


“LA LUNA NELL’ORTO” (that means “the moon in the vegetable garden”) is a biodynamic farm with two holiday apartments.

In spring 2007 we bought this typical old farmhouse and five hectares of land, to live a natural life. It’s located in the middle of the hills, not too far from the sea. After one year, we finished the restoration using ecological materials. We are happy to share this special place with our guests.
We are in Barchi, a small historical village in central Italy, close to the Adriatic coast, in the hills of the region “Marche“. Our house is placed in the middle of a beautiful landscape, without direct neighbours. Barchi is 1,5km from here and you can walk easily. It’s a very nice place for everyone who likes nature, art and culture.
The ecological materials, used for the restoration of the main building and the annex, give the houses a very special atmosphere. They are full of natural light, thanks to the large glass doors that open into the garden. In the garden you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view or take walks in the fields.

Natural pond

During winter 2011/12 we realized another dream: a natural swimming pool. The pool is located about 150m from the houses. There is a part for swimming and another part with plants that naturally clean the water. The result is a clean and pure water without chlorine or other chemicals. To mantain this natural balance, we must take care of the pond by avoiding suncreams and taking a shower before using the pool.

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