5. Textiles

Petra Bartels, Design – Art – Textiles

After my studies in fashion-design in Berlin and Northern Ireland, I moved to Italy in 1997 and I worked some years as a designer in the Italian fashion-industry.
After the birth of my daughter Greta in 2000, I decided to define my work differently. Since that time I have designed and realized custom-made clothes in natural and organic fabrics (linen, cotton, wool, silk,etc.).
I have experience in personal cloth-design, like wedding-dresses, costumes for theatre and dance-pieces, felt-objects, paintings with fabrics and color. My passion for textile surfaces and their natural origin, always offers me new ways of expression.
I give workshops because I like interacting with people, the creative process and the work in a small group.

To known more about my work, please visit my personal website www.petrabartels.com

Workshops and seminars

A place for experimentation, to be yourself, through creative processes. A space for concentration, in a creative and stimulating environment, an atelier, a room, a garden, earth, water, in the middle of nature, which surrounds us…La Luna nell’Orto is a wonderful place with olives, flowers and vegetables.
The meals are cooked with organic products from our farm.
You can stay in our holiday apartments.
We work all together and the contact and confrontation in between everybody and the surrounding, gives impulses and new ideas will come up.
I offer these workshops for small groups and single persons, for children, younger and older adults, daily or weekly.
You can create your own group in between friends, relations and any team, where I will accompany you in skills and art.
A single person can experiment in freedom and happiness, Art opens a space for individual expression and harmonizes body and soul, also in difficult moments of life.

Wunderkammer – One day with the artist

It is not a course, it’s exploring your creativity. For some hours or a day you can experiment sewing, drawing, painting… working with different materials, paper, fabric, wool, colour… for creating your object.
We work in my studio and in the nature, which surrounds us on La Luna nell’Orto. A perfect place for this work in process.
I’m happy to share my skills.
Only for a single person.
Price: 35 euros for 1 hour.

Workshop – creative holiday “Abito-Habitat”

Creation of YOUR Dress
A dress is protection, expression, beauty, decoration.
You can work freely and experimenting different techniques and materials, like paper, felt, fabrics, drawing, painting, sewing, stitching…
You need basic skills in using a sewing machine.
For small groups of 2-4 women.
4 days of workshop + 1 arrival day and 1 departure day for participants from outside.
Price for groups, each person: 680 euros, inclusive the stay in our structure and lunch.
400 euros, with lunch, without the stay.
Price for a single person: 980 euros, inclusive the stay in our structure and lunch.
680 euros with lunch, without the stay.
The prices are without the costs for the travel and the material.
Please contact me for further information.

It’s the same process as “abito-habitat” but you concentrate on your wedding dress.
Only for single person with basic sewing skills.

Felt workshops

Felt is a very ancient textile, done by sheep wool, water, soap and our hands. Felt has interesting characteristics, it’s light, resistant, warm, soft, isolating and ecological. Felt is nature and the craft-work balances body and mind.
The workshops are for small groups of 3-8 people. The price changes for a single person.

It’s a daily workshop, where you learn the basics of felting with water and needles. You will create a plain fabric, which will be transformed in an object, like bags, cushions or other accessories of your desire and possibility.
Time: 10:00 to 18:00 with a bio-vegetarian lunch break.
Price: 80 euros each person.

This is a half-day-workshop. You will get skills how to handle with a 3-dimensional work, without any seams. You will create a small sculpture or a hat or a bowl or your own pair of house-slippers, soft, warm and cosy.
Time: 9:00 – 12:30 or in the afternoon from 14:30 – 18:00
Price: 60 euros for each person.

Nuno-felt is a composition of light natural fabrics, like silk and linen gauzes and wool. Nuno-felt is precious and the effects are wonderful and surprising. In this workshop we will realize a beautiful scarf.
Time: 10:00 – 18:00
Price: 120 euros each person.

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