4. Workshops and events

The room for events-workshops

This new room is part of our farm with a little shop and workshop for our products which, in 2013/2014, we built in keeping with our philosophy of biodynamic agriculture.
It is an 80 sqm open space, with a very special atmosphere and lots of light, due to big windows and doors. This part of the building is built with straw bales, rather than bricks, using natural clay plastering, a wooden floor and roof. The heating is fitted within the walls and fueled by wood.
This new space is peaceful, healthy and with a warm atmosphere, and is adaptable for different usages. There is a sliding door so that it can be partitioned into two parts. Additionally there is also a bathroom with wheelchair access and a small, yet practicable kitchenette.
We are happy to rent it out for small groups, who would like to use it for creative holidays or workshops. The space can be transformed for yoga, dance, concerts or other performances. There is also a piano inside it.
We can offer food as well – a “little taste” of our products from La Luna nell’Orto – fresh from our fields or already refined. Further, we organise small cultural events, like readings, concerts, conferences, always accompanied by our delicious and freshly prepared own foods.
It is a perfect place to be enjoying “pure” nature, good food, ecology and art – “Agri-culture“.

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